Project @ the Technical School

There was a slight error in last weeks newspaper.  As a Peace Corps Volunteer at the Technical School, I am very pleased to anounce our spring project.  We are making a new gymnasium.  The project is medium sized at $3000 and will be funded by my friends and family from the United States.  The gym is not ready.  However, we are hoping it will be ready mid summer.  


Hi, Mark! Just read your post on the site. Indeed, the publication is an unfortunate mistake, it turned out as we say, "Твая мая не панимай!" So I asked, that when our conversation was attended by an interpreter.

But in general I am glad for you and wish you great success in this undertaking!

Once again
sorry for my English :))


В чем смысл всей этой переписки? Полевач (он же Alex Wise) в своей статье в "Провинции" написал, что с нового года Марк осуществил свой проект спортивного зала, вложив в него $350. А Марк пишет, что проект по созданию спортивного зала стоит $3000 и будет готов к середине лета. ПроФФесианально.